Policy Recommendations for Promoting Electronic Participation among Youth: A Case Study in Bangkok


  • Sujin Poonboon The Doctoral of Public Administration in Public Policy and Public Management program, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mahidol University


Guidelines and Policy Recommendations, Electronic Participation, Youth, Youth Participation


This article aims to present policy recommendations for promoting youth participation in electronic participation. These recommendations are derived from a review and synthesis of studies that analyze a causal model of the factors affecting e-participatory decision-making among youth in the public policy process. Data were collected from a sample of 846 youth in Bangkok. The research results yielded 11 recommendations that encompass steps in the public policy process. Emphasizing the integration of electronic participation and capacity building, this approach considers the creation of awareness of the importance of the rights, duties, and benefits of electronic service systems in government agencies. These systems should be developed to be user-friendly, uncomplicated, and communicate with messages and language that are suitable for youth. Under the creation of a participatory culture that integrates the use of online electronic channels and traditional offline participation. This includes building youth capacity by supporting knowledge, access to information and technology, and appropriate participation costs. As well as empirically valuing electronic participation or youth voices. This leads to recommendations so that government agencies can apply them to various operations that require participation from youth through electronic service systems as appropriate. This will affect the creation of cooperation and reduce the impact of conflicts or distrust in the operations of the government and government agencies of youth actors on public policy making and management.




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